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EARTHWALKERS™ have the sleek stretch in fit of a moccasin and the wearable durability of a boot.

In addition to the wonderful Bull Hide leather that we use to make EARTHWALKERS™ we use a compound rubber sole piece. This sole provides great traction and well as lightweight comfort. The small heel gives extra cushion under the heel without taking away from that barefoot feeling that EARTHWALKERS™ gives you. We have added to the comfort of EARTHWALKERS™ by including a high cushion insole. This material provides additional cushion but with a Satin Finish for maximum comfort that allows the insole to breath.

The unique lacing process of the upper part of the EARTHWALKERS™ allows for up to 3 inches of adjustment. This will allow the footwear to accommodate a wider range of calf sizes, as well as providing more choices in how a person can wear them.

EARTHWALKERS™ can be worn with pants in or pants over. They can be worn with heavy pants in cooler weather, lighter pants or shorts in warmer weather, and will always look great with skirts of any length!

The unique design of EARTHWALKERS™ will accommodate a larger range of leg sizes and shapes in the same foot size. This makes them much easier to buy.

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Foot-Tastic Comfort™ Anywhere You Go


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