Earthwalkers has made period style footwear for over 25 years. The unique thing about our line is that while they work for your costume needs they are not just costume wear.

Our footwear is the Real Thing.

We consider our line historic and Time Period friendly meaning that they will look great with your Cosplay outfit or your Renaissance garb but when you’re not at an event you can wear your Earthwalkers anywhere you choose.

The Earthwalkers line is made to be used in town, in the mountain, camping, hiking, riding motorcycles, riding horses etc. They are not throw away costume wear.

All of our footwear comes with a lifetime warranty on all of our workmanship and all Earthwalkers are resoleable.

The reason it is important to know this is that you can design your footwear to work for your event but at the same design them with the idea you will be using them in other areas of your life. This gives you a lot more value for the money you’re investing in footwear.

The styles we offer can be customized to go with any of your costume needs and at the same time be extremely comfortable so they are a pleasure to wear no matter where you choose to wear them.

Our styles

One of the most popular styles in the Renaissance world and the SCA is the Button Boot. We offer this boot in 5, 10, 15, and 17-inch heights. This style has been worn in the Renaissance Fair world for the last 40 years. It has been made by artisans around the country exclusively custom at a very high price. We now have created a way to bring the same quality to you for (in some cases ) less than half the price.

Next, we have the LASH MOCC exclusive to Earthwalkers. We offer the Lash style in a 10 and 15-inch height.

We have been making the Lash Style Mocc for the last 20 years.
What makes this style popular is that the lace design and the way it functions is actually period correct. It goes back over One Thousand years and was worn by the CELTIC, GERMANIC, NORSE, AND NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBES in some variation.

The reason we designed our version of this boot is that it really works great, not only for event wear but for hunting, hiking and all around wear.

Finally, we have our 6 INCH CELTIC

This shoe is also exclusive to Earthwalkers. Our style of this shoe was taken from a 13th-century Celtic shoe design.

If you have not watched the Earthwalkers Introduction Video I recommend that you do to get a better understanding of Earthwalkers and what we offer.

Also, Make sure you watch the other videos on FIT AND BREAK IN and LACING to better understand how all of our footwear functions.

Button Boot Lacing Video

Lash Mocc Lacing Video

Celtic Lacing Video



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