Lash Mocc Lacing Video


This video is to help you learn the easiest way to lace your Lash Mocc.

After you have your Lash Mocc on make sure your foot is all the way in with your heel all the way to the back of the shoe and your foot and leg are on a 90-degree angle.

Then bring the back flap of the shoe forward and around your leg. Then rap the front part of the shoe back and over the back piece.
Because the leather raps around your leg from the inside to the outside start with the inside lace.

Bring it forward and around the leg stay low as you go around the first time. If you are lacing a 10-inch Lash bring the lace around to the outside under the first button. Then continue to go around the leg with the same lace going in between the remaining buttons all the way to the top.

At this point tuck the lace into the top of the shoe.

(If you are lacing a 15 inch you will go around your ankle twice under the first button)

Then take the outside lace pull it forward and around under the first button (as you did with the first lace) and go around the leg in between the buttons and up the leg to the top. At this point take the lace you tucked in at the top and the second lace (still in your hand) and tie them in back or the inside of the leg. Trim any unwanted lace off.

The buttons on the Lash style are not just for looks but they will keep the laces from creeping down your leg. If the lace starts to move down, they will hit the buttons and stop so you won’t have to re-lace your Moccs.


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