Lash Mocc Lacing Video


All of our LASH MOCCASIN BOOTS lace the same way whether they’re 5 , 10 ,15 or 17 inches tall.
They have a one lace system that starts at the outside of the foot and goes to the heel then over the foot to the other side of the heel then around the leg to the top.
First make sure your foot and leg are on 90 degree angle and that your heel is all the way back in the boot.
Then wrap the back part of the boot around toward the front of your leg and then pull the front part back over the back part of the boot.

Since the lace is installed in the boot all you have to do is follow it around your leg pulling it tight as you go. When you get to the top you will notice that there is extra lace so you can go around your leg at least one more time maybe two. This is so when you take them off you can loosen the boot enough to get it off without the laces coming out of their slits.
Take the end of the lace around to the outside edge of your leg past the edge of the front flap of the boot. Tuck it under all the laces that you have rapped around the top of your leg. Once you have pulled the end of the lace under wrap it around itself to make a half bow. This will keep the lace in place and is very easy to untie when it’s time to take them off.


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