Earthwalkers are all made by hand in Cottonwood Arizona USA.

We have made the Earthwalkers line for over 25 years.

Since the beginning, we have always made it our priority to keep the quality as high as possible. One of the main reasons we are able to do this is the leather that we use. We use an 8 ounce Bull Hide which is tanned by one company only in Napa Valley Ca. (the 8 ounce is the way they rate the thickness of the leather. One square foot of this bull hide weighs 8 ounces.) The leather is very thick and durable at the same time very supple allowing for Earthwalkers extreme comfort.

The concept of our footwear is and has always been a combination of the sleek stretch-in fit and comfort of a moccasin with the durable wearability of a boot. This gives you the light feeling of being barefoot but at the same time be as protected as if you were wearing a hiking boot. The result of this combination is first and foremost their comfort!
Over the years, We have been able to apply this concept in footwear to many different functions.

All of our styles can be created to function for Hiking, Hunting, Everyday wear, Equestrian riding, Motorcycle riding, Period – historic designs, Renaissance Fair / Cosplay, Dancing, Earth grounding soles, Stalking/tracking, and more. We were able to do this without losing any of the all-day comfort that Earthwalkers is known for.


Earthwalkers come with lifetime warranty on all of our workmanship. That is sewing, buttons, seams etc..

Earthwalkers are also completely Resoleable.
Resoling is becoming a lost art and some people don’t even know what it means to resole a shoe. So you may find it difficult to locate a shoe repairman in your area. For this reason, when the time comes for new soles send them back to us and we will resole them for a small fee and return them within a week of receiving them.


For the first 20 years, we made the line exclusively custom to order. This means that before we could make the shoes we first had to trace your foot on paper and then make a tape and sock mold of the foot to capture all the exact dimensions of the customer’s foot and leg.
All of the artisans in the country that make this style of footwear go through the same process. This is great however it is very time consuming and makes the footwear very expensive.

Most of the artisans who make this kind of footwear do very good work however they are forced to charge an exorbitant price for their shoes. The wait for such an order can be as long as two years.

Finding ourselves in this category we finally had to do something about it. We spent almost two years creating a new way to make our footwear that would expedite the process and at the same time bring the price down to a reasonable level.

We have created a series of size patterns from the 20 years of making and saving molds of our customers feet. This allows us to have an inventory of our styles that a customer can buy and take with them if the boot style and color choices happen to be what they want, or they can order any color combination and details they might like in their size at no extra charge.

If when the customer tries on the Earthwalkers of their choice, if we find that the size is not right, we are able at that point to take the proper measurement to ensure the perfect fit. This customization does not add any more time to the receiving of your order. It is the same turnaround time as ordering a special color combination in a standard size. There is a small fee for the customizing of $25.00 to $50.00 depending on how much customizing is required.

If our customers find us online and they are not able to try something on, no problem. We have created a process in which they can give us a few simple measurements that will help us determine what size they are in our line. We have all of the measuring information on the sizing video. (I have included a link for that video here for your convenience)


One of the main things that makes Earthwalkers so functional and at the same time so comfortable is the way that they fit. To achieve this great fit there is a process that the customer must go through. This process is not hard to do nor is it painful but it is not negotiable. These steps for the break-in are essential for the correct fit.

There are two ways you can go through this process.
The first is the barefoot method.
When a person receives their Earthwalkers they must put them on barefoot and wear them barefoot for the first 4 to 6 hours around the house. You do not have to wear them 6 hours at one time. If the snugness of the shoe bothers you, you can wear them an hour at a time until they loosen up and relax.

The reason for putting them on barefoot is that the texture of the leather on the inside of the shoe would grab the material of your sock and ball your toes up. This will be uncomfortable and will give the wearer the feeling that the Earthwalkers do not fit them properly. If you continue trying to break them in this way (with a sock on too soon) you may stretch the leather incorrectly and affect the quality of the permanent fit.

If you’re one of those people that do not want to be barefoot in your shoes for any reason, the second way is to use a thin sock like a dress sock. The issue with the material is still there so now you will put a thin plastic bag (like the ones you use to bring home vegetables from the store) over your foot then slip the Earthwalkers on over that.

This may make the shoe seem a bit tighter than being barefoot because you have a sock on, but the bag will let your foot settle into the shoe correctly. Wear the shoe this way for a few hours around the house, then try wearing them without the bags. If you still have trouble getting your foot in them easily put the bags back on for a little while longer.

After you have the Earthwalkers on and laced up properly you will experience three things during the 4 to 6 hour of wear.
1. The leather will stretch over the foot and arch to eventually accommodate a sock.
2. Next, the toe box will open up to give your toes the correct amount of room for this style of footwear.
3. Then you will also notice that your heel will slip up and down a bit at first. However, in that 4 to 6 hours of barefoot wear, your foot will create a cup for your heel to sit in so that by the time you are able to wear a sock the slipping will stop.
After you are able to wear a sock in your Earthwalkers you should wear a sock all the time. The sock will add the finishing touch to the comfort that Earthwalkers provides.


All of our styles require lacing of some kind. In this day and age with all the footwear available, people tend to not like the idea of lacing their shoes on.
In our case, it is the reason to wear the shoe because it allows you to have a custom fit every time you wear them no matter what type of clothing you choose to wear with them.

I have included the links to the LACING videos below for your convenience. In them, I go through all of the Lacing information in more detail.

Button Boot Lacing Video

Lash Mocc Lacing Video

Celtic Lacing Video


We have 7 styles that we offer. There are hundreds of detail combinations to make any of these styles perfect for you.


First, we offer four heights in our Earthwalkers Button Boot.
We make it in a 5, 10, 15, and 17 inches.

The button boot has the lace up the side closure which gives the wearer 3 inches of adjustment in the leg so you will get a perfect fit every time you wear them.


Next, we have our LASH MOCC. We offer this style in the 10 and 15 inch heights.
The Lash Mocc is interesting because we designed it using details that go back over 1000 years. The way they lace around the leg is a style many cultures in the past have used.
The CELTIC, NORSE, GERMANIC, AND NATIVE AMERICAN tribes have use some form of this boot over the last thousand years because of how well it fit and protected their feet and legs.

We have adapted this style for modern day use. We make and sell this style not because it has been around for so long but because it works.

The Lash Mocc has two laces on each boot that crisscross lace around the ankle and leg and tie to each other at the top. There is 3 to 5 inches of overlap in the Lash Mocc for adjustment to the leg.


Next, we have our 6 inch Celtic. This is a unique shoe because of the way it ties and binds around the foot and ankle. This unique design comes from a shoe that was used in the 13th century by some of the Celtic tribes. We have adapted it for modern day use. We love the way it molds to your foot and ankle and creates a very comfortable seal around the ankle.

For more detail about how all these styles function and lace I recommend you take a look at the Lacing and videos listed above.


The biggest thing that allows us to adapt our footwear to a particular function like HIKING, HORSEBACK RIDING, HUNTING, MOTORCYCLE RIDING, EVERYDAY WEAR, EARTH GROUNDING SOLES, DANCING, RENAISSANCE FAIR / COSPLAY, STALKING / TRACKING is the way we make the shoes allowing the shoes to have a number of different soles put on them without taking away from the quality and comfort of the shoes.

You will find a sole page on our web site that will give a detailed description of each soles function and quality.

If you have any question please feel free to call or email us and we will be happy to help you through the process of ordering your own Earthwalkers.


Foot-Tastic Comfort™ Anywhere You Go


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