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One of the main reasons Earthwalkers are so comfortable and functional is the way that they fit.
Earthwalkers have the stretch in fit of a moccasin and the wear ability of a boot.

One of the reasons we use the high-quality leather that we do is because it has a bit of stretch in it. This needs to be removed from the shoes for them to have the perfect fit that will last for many years

The way that this stretch in fit is accomplished is with the break in of the shoes.

There are two ways to go about this.
The first is to wear the boots barefoot for the first 4 to 6 hours.
The second is to wear them with a very thin plastic bag over your sock for the first 4 to 6 hours.
If at first they are a bit too tight with the sock and bag method go to the barefoot method.

The reason for these methods is that the texture of the leather on the inside will grab you sock and ball your toes up and make it seem like there is something very wrong with your Earthwalkers.

The proper fit at this point is going to be tighter than what you would experience at a shoe store buying commercial shoes.

What you will experience in the 4 to 6 hour break in period is
~the leather over the top of your foot will stretch out enough to accommodate a sock (without the bag). Next, the toe box will open up enough to give you the right amount of room for your toes in this kind of footwear. You will also feel the heel slipping up and down a bit. After the break-in period has passed the heel will form more of a cup shape and the slipping will stop.

Once you’re wearing your Earthwalkers with socks they will seem to disappear off of your feet giving you a protected barefoot feeling.

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