The Earthing/Grounding sole by Earthwalkers is unique because it allows the wearer to ground with the earth and at the same time be protected.

We could all go barefoot and ground just fine if it wasn’t for a lot of pain and bleeding, so protection is necessary to move about freely on planet earth.

Earthwalkers gives you the comfortable fit and feel of a moccasin and the durable wearability of a boot.

Earthwalkers have a lifetime warranty on all of our workmanship as well as being resoleable.

The Earthing sole we provide is three layers of leather.

1-The insole is one layer of 8 oz. Bullhide
2-The midsole is a layer of 8/9oz. Veg. Tanned leather and 3-The sole is another layer of the 8 oz. Bullhide.

This gives you excellent protection while still allowing you to have the flexible barefoot grounding experience you want.

We also offer an additional option of adding a layer of copper mesh in between the layers of leather to create a better conductor and connection with the earth.

You have an additional option that I personally think is very fun and that is you can choose the color of the sole layer of the shoe. So you can have ( for example ) chocolate moccasin with a red sole.
When you are picking the color of your shoes you can also pick the sole color.

The earthing sole is resoleable and if you wish can be changed to a regular sole in the future if you decide to use your Earthwalkers for something else.

If you have any questions please give us a call at 928-284-9705 or email through our website.

Thank you!


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