Celtic Lacing Video


This is a video to explain how the 6-inch Celtic laces.

First, it’s important to understand the concept of this shoe.
It has a front half and a back half. The front overlaps the back on the sides where they are sewn to the sole.

The two halves are not connected anywhere else. They are drawn together with the lacing system. This design allows the shoe to become a complete binding around your foot and ankle with a very snug but comfortable seal around your ankle. This is great for keeping dirt, rocks, and stickers out of your shoes.

To lace first loosen the laces without taking them out of the holes in the shoe. Then pull the front half open and away from the back half so your foot can slide in easily. After your foot is in the shoe make sure your heel is all the way back in the shoe and that your foot and leg are on a 90-degree angle.

Next, move the two parts of the shoe into place. Then start by following the laces with your hands from the heel where they begin to the first hole in the front of the shoe. Grab the lace past the first hole and pull it back toward the heel. Then switch the laces in your hands to the other lace so you can pull the slack through the heel piece. Then follow the lace up to the front top hole and pull the lace back toward the back of the shoe. Cross the laces behind your ankle bring to the front and cross around the front of your ankle and pull to the back of your leg and tie. (tying the lace behind the leg is optional). I like tying the lace in the back because it allows the shoe to have a clean look in the front. Depending on how you want to tie your shoes trim off the extra lace.



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