Button Boot Lacing Video


This video is to show how you will lace you Earthwalkers Button Boots. The lacing process is the same for all the different heights.

After you have your foot in the boot make sure your heel is back all the way and that your foot and leg are on a 90-degree angle.

Wrap the back of the boot forward and bring the front flap around over the top of the back piece.

Pull the lace tight through the first lace clip and lead the lace over the top of the next button and around. Pull the lace tight through the lace clip and repeat up to the top of the boot at that point tie the lace to the tie off lace that is sewn into the lace clip. Once you have determined how much lace you need trim off the extra lace.

One option that is available on the Button Boots only is to have a zipper put into the inseam.
(no matter what height)

This will allow the lacing to then be for size and fit only. The putting them on and taking them off will be done with the zipper.

Thank you and enjoy!


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