We have created a series of steps for you to follow to collect the necessary information that we need to establish what size you are in our line.

It is much easier for us to determine what your size is with a few simple measurements than for you to have to guess what your size is.

The fact that we are responsible for replacing the boots if the size is wrong motivates us (very much) to want to get it right the first time.


You will need a ruler, yardstick or tape measure. You will also need a cloth measuring tape or a piece of string.

You will then need to go where you have a hard floor.

Put the ruler or yardstick up against the wall with the 1” end at the wall. Then with your barefoot or with a thin sock on, stand on the measuring tool you have chosen with your heel against the wall and the longest part of your foot (probably your big toe) on the numbers. Make sure your foot is relaxed and your weight is on the foot you are measuring. Look down and read the number at the longest part of your foot.

Then turn your foot so that the outside edge of the foot is up against the wall with the widest part of your foot is over the numbers of the measuring tool. Read and record the number you see in the same way you did for the length.

Now for the ankle and calf. Take the cloth measuring tape if you have one if not take your piece of string and wrap it around your ankle about 7 inches from the floor. If you’re using a tape read the number and write it down. If you are using the piece of string wrap it around your ankle and hold it at the point the end of the string meets itself around your ankle. Then while holding the measurement point with your fingers lay the string on the ruler to see how long it is and write down the number.

Repeat this process 15 inches up your leg from the floor and write down the numbers.

When you get to the ordering page on the web site there will be a box for “Additional sizing detail.” put all of the measurements you have taken there.

If you wish to call your order in you can give us the measurements then.

I hope this was helpful.

Thank you!


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