Customize a Boot Chaps

With this option, you can customize a pair of Boot Chaps to your liking. Choose your favorite colors, add just the right options to personalize these Boot Chaps to suit your purpose. See the diagram in the gallery to identify each option.

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There are two measurements needed to order.

One is for the height and the other is for the width of your calf.

Measure barefoot from the floor to the middle of the knee cap.

Then check the number with the chart for your height size.

15″ to 17″-regular

18″ to 20″-tall

21″ to 23″-extra tall

23 1/2″ to 25″-2X tall


Next measure around the largest part of the calf and check the chart.

12″ to 13-small

14″ to 15″-small plus

15 1/2″ to 16 1/2″-medium

17″ to 18″-medium plus

19″ to 21″-large

22′ and up will require a special order


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